Welcome to Shadowing and Observerships with UCHealth

UCHealth recognizes the value and interest in education and career exploration. Shadowing and Observerships may help you gain useful information about skills and/or education required for various healthcare paths. These are educational opportunities only and provide no hands-on experience. Participants will not engage with any patients or advise on any cases. Federal regulations prohibit participants in these programs from performing research. 

Both experiences provide a wonderful opportunity to learn from UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital; #1 hospital in Colorado; an academic medical center with a level one trauma center.  

Only individuals 18 and older may participate in these programs at UCHealth facilities.

What is Shadowing?
Shadowing is a short-term experience allowing you to see first-hand occupations, procedures, and processes that interest you. Shadowing a physician, nurse, healthcare professional, or administrator means that you are following an individual as they engage with daily duties. You may watch how the individual interacts with patients, performs procedures, handles their daily schedule, and converses with coworkers.

Shadowing is intended for staff, clinicians, students, and administrative professionals. Shadowing can be a part of a job interview. Current employees of UCHealth who want exposure beyond their "scope of practice" may also find it valuable.
  • Shadowing is limited to 12 hours annually. These hours may be split into different experiences or used all at one time.  
  • Shadowers must find their own Sponsor. You can do so by searching on www.uchealth.org for Doctors, Locations and Specialties.
  • Shadowing applications must be submitted and approved at least one week prior to each shadowing experience. 

For more information and to begin the Shadowing application: Click here

What is an Observership?
An Observership is a longer opportunity to watch and learn. There is an extensive application process designed to allow up to a 30-day consecutive time frame of observation annually. If you are already a professional, an Observership may be an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge processes and procedures. All forms and requirements for an Observership must be submitted and approved at least one month prior to the start of the experience.

  • Observers must find their own Sponsor. You can do so by searching on www.uchealth.org for Doctors, Locations and Specialties.
  • UCHealth offers two types of Observerships. Please reach out to our office with further questions. 

For more information and to begin the Observership application: Click here


Need More Hours?
If you are hoping to acquire more hours of clinical experience, we encourage you to consider volunteering. Volunteering is a hands on experience and offers patient facing roles. This is a learning opportunity with the chance to make a difference in the patient experience. Volunteering requires a minimum of a 100 hours' commitment.

Still not sure which program is right for you? Please check the Educational Experience Algorithm for more guidance.