Therapy Team Volunteer Application for Animals

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital with your Therapy Animal. Therapy Dogs and their handlers play an important and meaningful role in providing care to staff, patients and their loved ones. We hope you find your experience here to be valuable and worthwhile.

New Volunteer Sign Up Process

**Two applications are needed for Therapy Dog Teams. This application is for your dog.**

Steps 1-5 need to be completed before beginning volunteering. Please reference these steps throughout the application process to keep track of what step you are on. 

Step One: Complete the online application below.

Step Two: Upload the following three forms:

  • Therapy Dog Certification from either Therapy Dogs International, Denver Pet Partners, or Alliance of Therapy Dogs.
  • Rabies shot information.
  • Current health certificate with vaccination list from your veterinarian.

Step Three: Complete Therapy Handler application (see separate online application under Therapy animal teams).

Step Four: Send an email to to request an in-person interview with you and your therapy animal.

Step Five: Complete 2-3 shadow visits with an experienced pet therapy team as part of your training.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 720.848.1886.

Volunteer Services and Shadowing Department
Jenny Ricklefs, Manager
Amanda Murphy, Coordinator
April Phinny, Coordinator
12605 East 16th Ave, Mail Stop F771, Aurora CO 80045


You can enter the User ID (email address) field above as an extension of your email to allow for a separate login to the Therapy Animal's record, but any emails we send will automatically fall under your email.

For Example:  If your email is you can create the login for the animal as adding "+Dog" before the @ symbol.

Please provide the name and number of someone we may contact in case of an emergency.
I agree that I will not feed my Therapy Animal a raw diet at any time when volunteering with UCHealth- Metro Denver due to potential infection risks to humans. 

I verify that the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize UCHealth - Metro Denver and its agents to confirm all information provided on the application.