Educational Observation Program or Shadowing at UCHealth for University of Colorado Hospital and metro Denver area


Dear Applicant,

There are many types of coronaviruses that cause mild respiratory illness in humans, like the common cold. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified. The most common symptoms associated with COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Symptoms range from mild to severe, but the most severe cases have occurred in the elderly and in those with weak immune systems. The coronavirus is thought to spread mainly from person-person through respiratory droplets produced when a person infected with the virus coughs or sneezes.

UCHealth is taking proactive measures to protect patients, visitors and health care workers by expanding visitor restrictions and policies at its acute care facilities and ambulatory clinics. While we understand the visitor restrictions are inconvenient, they are to provide an additional layer of protection for everyone. Individuals who are in a UCHealth hospital or clinic to shadow/observe, fall under the category of visitors. Until further notice, we are suspending our shadowing/observation programs.

We are aware many of you have been in the process of setting up an EOP or EAO experience. We apologize for any difficulty you may have. Please know we have your safety as well as the safety of others at the forefront of our patient safety plans. We will be in touch when UCHealth allows shadowing/observing to resume.


Welcome to the University of Colorado Hospital and metro Denver area clinics. We thankfully receive many requests for "shadowing" where a UCHealth visitor 18 years old or older observes doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, and other healthcare providers as they care for patients or perform their day-to-day duties. The Educational Observation Program (EOP) or Shadowing at UCHealth is designed to provide a structured educational experience for those individuals while addressing patient safety.

Sponsors and Observers

In order to participate in the program, observers to UCHealth must have a sponsor. A sponsor is a UCHealth employee or provider who has made arrangements for the observer's presence in the unit or facility and who will accompany the observer at all times during the visit.

  • Observers must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Shadowing is limited to 12 hours per calendar year and may be broken into shorter shadowing sessions (i.e. 1-3 shifts for a total of 12 hours maximum per calendar year.) Any UCHealth employee can be a sponsor - the sponsor does not have to be a clinician.

Information on Educational Observation Program EOP (aka: Shadowing)

What are the steps if someone wishes to OBSERVE?

  1. Determine where you would like to observe and who you would like to shadow.
  2. Contact the potential sponsor and ask to shadow him/her. The Volunteer Services office is not able to find a sponsor for a potential observer.
  3. Set a specific location, date and time for the EOP experience (s).
  4. Complete the EOP/Shadowing application below and submit at least one week prior to your scheduled shadowing date.
  5. Complete the Facility Orientation Training located under the training tab. You must score 100% to be approved to shadow.
  6. Upload a copy of proof of MMR, tDAP, and Varicella/Chicken pox vaccination and proof of a negative TB test completed within the last year. If your EOP is occuring during flu season, you must also upload copies of your current flu shot. Current UCHealth employees to not need to complete this step.

What are the steps if an UCHealth staff/UCD physician wishes to SPONSOR an observer?

  1. Read the UCHealth EOP policy online to determine if short-term shadowing, EAO or volunteering, is the best fit.
  2. Ensure manager/director of the clinic/unit/surgery is informed and approves of the observation visit. No one may bring an observer into UCHealth without permission.
  3. Be clear with the observer that this is a short observational experience, (i.e. 1-3 shifts for a total of 12 hours maximum per calendar year.)
  4. The observer must be 18 years of age or older. 
  5. Establish a date(s) and time(s) for the EOP/shadowing.
  6. At least one week prior to the shadowing date, direct the participant to complete their portion of the EOP/Shadowing application below.
  7. Complete the sponsor portion of the EOP/Shadowing application.

Day of EOP experience:

  • Park at the Capri lot at Ursula and Colfax. A link to a map can be found here. You will receive futher instructions for parking in your confirmation email.
  • Walk in the back door of the hospital and follow the signs to the Atrium lobby. The Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion (AIP) information desk is located in the lobby.
  • Sign in at the AIP information desk and receive an EOP badge.
  • Dress appropriately in business casual attire. No jeans or shorts. No gum, food, or drink while shadowing.
  • Turn off cell phone- absolutely no pictures or recordings of the experience allowed.
  • Your sponsor will explain the rules and regulations about observing (i.e. sponsor must ask patient first.)
  • At the conclusion of the agreed upon time, the observer will return to the information desk and initial that the badge has been returned. If shadowing over more than one day, badges must be returned at the end of each day.

You will receive a confirmation email from Volunteer Services to confirm when all steps have been completed. If you have any questions, please email

Please provide the name and number of someone we may contact in case of an emergency.


This contract provides an understanding regarding a supervised Educational Observation Program (EOP) experience at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital and Metro Denver. This contract does not include any individual enrolled in a formal educational program that requires a clinical affiliation agreement. This contract covers individuals observing/shadowing at UCHealth. EOP Participants must not be engaged in any form of patient care or hospital procedures, either clinical or non-clinical in nature.
Both parties agree that the individual participating in this experience is in the role of an observer, and is not an employee of UCHealth while participating in this program. Participation in this program is voluntary and solely for the purpose of engaging in an educational shadowing/observation experience.
UCHealth will provide a supervised educational experience according to agreed-upon objectives. UCHealth retains the right to terminate the educational experience when violations of UCHealth rules, regulations, policies or procedures occur. UCHealth reserves the right to take immediate action when necessary to maintain operation of its facilities free from interruption.
In the event of an onset of illness or injury during the educational experience, appropriate emergency care, as provided to employees, will be provided to the EOP participant by UCHealth. The EOP participant agrees to maintain insurance coverage during the observation period and the EOP participant will be liable for the cost of such care and obtaining appropriate follow up care, if needed.
The individual participating in EOP must be supervised by the sponsor who will facilitate the shadowing/educational experience.
It is understood that the EOP experience at University of Colorado Hospital Metro Denver must not interfere with the primary mission of the care and treatment of patients, which shall remain the responsibility of UCHealth. The EOP participant is required to adhere to UCHealth rules, regulations, policies and procedures while on its premises, including all policies related to confidentiality, patient rights and responsibilities, and ethical conduct.
The individual coming to UCHealth for an EOP experience is required to do the following: a. Arrange the educational/shadowing experience at least 1 week in advance through the sponsor at UCHealth and Volunteer Services.
b. Complete the online facility orientation and accompanying test with 100 percent.
c. Complete the UCHealth confidentiality agreement.
d. Dress in business casual, conservative, appropriate attire unless the EOP experience will take place in an area requiring scrubs. Wear ONLY hospital provided scrubs.
e. Wear a UCHealth issued ID badge at all times while on the premises. The badge will clearly state the wearer is a participant in the EOP program.
f. Obey instructions by personnel and Sponsor while on the premises.
g. Defer from participating in the EOP program when experiencing an infectious disease condition including cough, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, rash, flu, diarrhea, vomiting, or when other diseases that are communicable are present.
h. Silence cell phone at all times. Agree not to take photos, video tape, or tape record any conversations while on UCHealth premises.
Services covered by this contract shall be and shall remain in compliance with the Health Information Privacy and Protection Act, all applicable federal, state and local laws and Regulations, and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations Standards.
Performance of health care services includes a duty by UCHealth to safeguard certain information, including, but not limited to patient information, from inappropriate disclosure. Therefore access to UCHealth information shall be strictly limited to visiting individuals. Participants in EOP may not review confidential patient data. Participants may not have access to EPIC.
Attest to the conditions of this contract for EOP participation by signing this agreement.
Be in good health and free from contagious conditions which may risk patient safety.
The seasonal flu shot/vaccine is up-to-date and documentation can be provided upon request.
Adhere to hand hygiene before and after each patient observation consistent with UCHealth standards.
Be dressed appropriately in professional, conservative attire consistent with the UCHealth professional appearance policy. White coats or other attire that would create for patients the impression that the observer is a member of the medical staff are not permitted.
No photos, videotaping or tape recording permitted.
The EOP participant may not document in the medical record nor access a medical record. No portion of the medical record or patient information may be removed from EOP.
Follow instructions from UCHealth staff and sponsor at all times.
EOP participants must wear an UCHealth issued identification badge at all times while in the hospital and return the badge at the conclusion of the period outlined in the contract.
Attest to the conditions of this contract by signing this agreement.
Participants of the EOP program must be under the supervision of the Sponsor at all times. The EOP sponsor is accountable for the actions of the EOP participant. The EOP sponsor is responsible for ensuring patient and visitor safety, patient confidentiality, and the protection of UCHealth proprietary information.

The EOP sponsor must obtain permission from the patient prior to the EOP participant observing the patient. The patient has the right to refuse to have an EOP participant present for any aspect of care delivery.
At the conclusion of the EOP experience the participant must return their UCH badge. The EOP sponsor is responsible for assuring that this has occurred.

Statement of Understanding: I have read and understood the above Participant Contract and I agree to comply with it. I understand that a violation of any part of the Participant Contract may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of access to the University of Colorado Hospital's information systems, and/or facilities.


University of Colorado Hospital employees, students, trainees, contractors, and vendors, and all other individuals who have access to UCHEALTH's confidential information are required to keep the information confidential. Patient information, employee records, computer passwords, and proprietary business information are all examples of confidential information. Confidential information may not be removed from a facility and shall not be shared or disseminated to individuals who do not need the information in order to perform their jobs. The fact that someone is working at the UCHEALTH does not mean that the individual has a right to confidential information if it is not required for job-related purposes. Each individual must at all times act carefully, in good faith, in a manner which promotes the best interests of the University of Colorado Hospital and its patients and research subjects, and in a way which recognizes and promotes ethical considerations and the duty of loyalty that each individual owes to the Hospital.

Patient information, employee records or proprietary business information may be disclosed only in accordance with the policies of University of Colorado Hospital. If in doubt, you should act to preserve the confidence of the information requested until the policies can be verified. You should refrain from discussing or disclosing confidential information except to those with a legitimate need to know the information. Disclosing confidential information in violation of policies or in violation of law may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of access to UCHEALTH information systems and/or facilities. There are various federal and state laws which mandate that patient information be kept confidential and, in some instances, impose civil or criminal penalties for a breach of confidentiality.

No individual is permitted to realize any personal gain as a result of disclosing or using confidential information. This duty of nondisclosure and the obligation not to benefit from confidential information learned during the course of your visit continues indefinitely.

Statement of Understanding: I have read and understood the above Confidentiality Statement and I agree to comply with it. I understand that a violation of any part of the Confidentiality Statement may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of access to the University of Colorado Hospital's information systems, and/or facilities.

I certify that all responses on this document are true to the best of my knowledge. I agree that this information may be verified by UCHEALTH Volunteer Services. I understand that any misrepresentation of information constitutes cause for separation or termination from the Education Observation Program participation.
After you click 'Submit' you will be redirected to your home page. Please upload copies of your TB test and immunizations (MMR, tDap, Varicella/Chickenpox, and flu if during flu season) and complete the Facility Orientation Quiz. All steps must be completed at least one week prior to your EOP shadowing experience.  Please inform your Sponsor to expect an email asking them to approve or deny your shadowing request.  



You will receive a confirmation email once your Sponsor has approved or denied your shadowing request.


Please check your SPAM folder and add to your contacts list to avoid missing the email.