Volunteer Application and Placement Process

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at UCHealth at University of Colorado Hospital. Volunteers play an important and meaningful role in providing care to patients and their loved ones. We hope you find your experience here to be valuable and worthwhile. 

Before we can schedule an interview, you will need to complete the following items:
1. Online Therapy Animal Application - one for you and one for your therapy animal
2. Download the following documents and complete them or have the person providing a reference complete them (only required for the handler).

-Photo Consent Form 
-Fair Credit Reporting Disclosure (for your information)
-Background Check (Fill out and bring to the interview - DO NOT Upload)
-Reference Form (2 required)  
Your reference forms may not be completed by a relative. We prefer references from  adults, supervisors, teachers, co-workers or someone who has known you for a long time.  We must receive these references before you may begin volunteering.
3. Complete online Orientation Training and Quizzes  (Coming Soon)
4. Download Uniform and Badge Policy

Below please find the volunteer onboarding process. 

1.Complete the attached application before submitting.  You cannot start and save the form, but must enter all required      information before hitting SUBMIT.
2.Once you have submitted the application, you can then enter the UCHealth Volunteer website by logging in with the    user name/email and password you created on the application.      

    Here you can:
    -  Upload two Reference Forms
    -  Upload Photo Consent Form

3. COMING SOON - From the login point, select Training and select Online Orientation.
4. Download and read the Uniform and Badge Policy
5.We will contact you within three business days to schedule a one hour interview. At that time we will discuss your            application, placement interests, schedule availability, and any questions you might have. 
6. Attend a mandatory in person 3 hour orientation.  These are held two times each month.
7.Complete a Health and Drug Screen (30 minutes) with a UCHealth Occupational Nurse at our Employee Health office.        There is no charge to you. (During flu season, you must have a flu shot to volunteer.  If you need to receive one,            Employee Health with give you one.) 
8. Once we have received the results of your background check, you've completed orientation and a health screen, and we've received two references, your volunteer placement will be made.
9. We request a minimum commitment of 100 hours in one year's time. Most volunteers are scheduled for one day per week for a 4 hour shift.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our team of volunteers making a difference at the UCHealth. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 720-848-1886 or 720-848-4068. 

Volunteer Services Department 

Jenny Ricklefs, Manager 720 848-4068  Jennifer.Ricklefs@uchealth.org
Sara Bencomo, Volunteer Coordinator 720 848-4070  Sara.Bencomo@uchealth.org

12605 E  16th Ave, Mail Stop F771, Aurora CO 80045

Required fields are noted in red.
Therapy Tails Volunteer Application - Handler
Please provide the name and number of someone we may contact in case of an emergency.
I acknowledge that I am volunteering of my own free will and do not expect any monetary eimbursement. I verify that the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize UCHealth -Metro Denver and its agents to confirm all information provided on the application.